How To Lose Weight By Drinking Water

Long-running marketing campaigns tell you that drinking sugar filled soda drinks is not good for your well-being. In comparison, the main soda cola companies have almost certainly spent even more on successful campaigns aimed at young people and fast food addicts to get them to drink more soda.

But the facts are clear: cutting down on soda drinks and some fruit juices and replacing them with water, will help you lose weight, especially if you’re exercising at the same time.

Why water?

Just after birth, 75% to 80% of your body weight is water. When you reach adulthood, the amount of water held by your body is anywhere between 45% and 70%. You need to drink water to maintain your normal body temperature.

Water also lubricates your joints, adds protection for your spinal-cord and sensitive tissues and helps you lose waste through natural processes.

You will probably have heard that it is best to drink around eight glasses of liquid a day, but you need to increase that before, during and after exercising.

When you have taken part in the strenuous exercise, it’s best if you restore electrolytes to your system as minerals dissolved in your body’s water will be lost when you sweat.

Picking up a sports drink may help you to restore the electrolytes and sweat that you have lost, but they contain so much sugar and most likely, sodium, that while you are restoring water and electrolytes you are adding an excess of sugar and salt to your body’s system.

Consume less soda and sweet juices

Many fruit juices are good for you because of their vitamin content, but they contain a lot of sugar, particularly if you drink pure fruit juices. There is so much sugar in a glass of 100% fruit juice that you may easily consume 150 calories in one drink, which may be 5 to 8% of the calories that you need to consume in an entire day.

Many fruit drinks that pretend to be fruit juices are often a mixture of sugar, water and unfortunately, artificial flavourings. While a fruit juice counts as one of your five servings of fruit and vegetables, fruit drinks do not.

The majority of sodas are even worse for you. Many of them contain twice as much sugar as the juice drinks, meaning that you are probably going to gain weight if you drink fruit juices and sugar filled soda drinks, rather than drinking water when you are thirsty. If you drink sugar-based drinks every day of the week, then you’re going to be carrying an excessive of weight that is difficult to lose.

By replacing the majority of your soda and juice drinks with water, you will naturally lose weight even if you don’t change your exercise patterns.

Unfortunately, changing your soda drinks to the light or diet version may not help you lose weight because while you are not taking in the excess sugar, the sweeteners used in these drinks often help you maintain water in your body, but in the wrong places.

Even if you continue to use sports drinks, you can water them down so that you are consuming less sugar and if you change your regular activities by replacing most of your soda drinks with water and watering down your fruit juices so that you are consuming less sugar, the inevitable conclusion is that you will lose weight.

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