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     Many people would be wondering to find the answer to What is Scabies? This is the question to be answered by the physicians. Scabies is a skin infection that is caused by the mite, which would not visible for the eyes. They are very light and then they have very powerful gravitational power and they are more than five times faster than water. They take the human and animals as hosts and they live in the body of them. This skin infection is a serious one, if it is not treated at the earliest. Many symptoms would be there for a person, when he is suffering from Scabies.

Though this is a contagious one, generally, skin contact is the main cause for spreading the disease. This skin infection takes about four to six weeks to create visible symptoms, which is a problem for the sufferers to identify the infection. When it is diagnosed properly, treatment would be given. But, since it takes long time to identify the symptoms, the disease would not be at its initial stage. There would be itching and irritation in the initial stage of scabies and people should be sharp with this initial symptom. If they do not feel it, it would take another four weeks for them to realize what is happening with their skin.

This infection develops during the night time, usually. Burrows with itching and irritating sensation would be felt. In the area of the affected portion, there could be redness rashes and other blisters and boils in the area of skin. In some cases, there would be abnormal and unusual symptoms with the skin. Generally, the infection occurs in the area of hands, legs and wrists, backs. They would be suffering from allergic problems also. When the immune system becomes weak, it would be very difficult for the sufferers and they would be suffering from intolerable pain and the skin would be filled with rashes and others.

In the initial stage, there would be problem with the webbing of fingers and they would be able to realize about it. Further, there would be bumps and rashes. If there are about fifteen mites, they could create about hundred bumps in the skin and it would be very uncomfortable for the persons. If they have to have permanent cure, they should visit the physicians immediately for urgent treatments. The problem with the mites is that they would develop very rapidly and they just wait for the opportunities to create health problems for people.

Various medical procedures are available for this Scabies and the physicians are aware of all types of treatments. If the infection is diagnosed immediately, they would start their medical treatments at once. But, it is necessary for public to have awareness on Scabies and it would help them to avoid Scabies. Since this is one of the worst contagious diseases, utmost care should be taken by people, if they have a Scabies patient in their homes. The patient should be provided with separate room with bed and others should not enter into the room and never sit in the bed also. Even after the treatment, all the properties should not be used and they should clean and wash their homes after the treatments.








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