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Scabies Causes

Scabies is no doubt one nasty problem to have. Scabies, if you aren't aware is a very contagious skin condition, which occurs in humans. The Scabies causes are due primarily to there being an open wound or gash in the skin, which allows the entrance of the Scabies into the human. Though, sometimes no entrance to the inside of the skin is ever needed. Some Scabies causes happen simply by hugging someone who may be infected and pass along the Scabies mites to you. This of course is rare and there have only been a handful of cases to show that this possibility exists.

What Are Scabies?

Scabies are tiny mites, which can live under the surface of the human skin for an entire month. Scabies are extremely tiny and one can often only see the mite under the view of a microscope or magnifying glass. The fact that Scabies are so small makes it difficult to kill them off once a person is infected. Scabies mites, once landing on a human host, will burrow through the host's skin below the surface level where they will lay eggs and increase in numbers rapidly. Most Scabies causes are done so by female mites as a means to lay their eggs and spread their young. Scabies need hosts to live. They can live only 3 days without a human host, but with a human host they can live up to a whole month. This is more than enough time to lay enough eggs for the next generation of spawn.

What Are The Scabies Causes?

Scabies causes include many things, primarily, which include the act of having general skin contact with a person who is infected with the mites. Though, this doesn't mean that if you shake the hand of a person who has Scabies that you are guaranteed to get them. The chances of this happening are very slim. The most common type of Scabies causes is the transmission of the Scabies mites during sexual intercourse. Having sex with an infected partner is never a good idea and any sort of skin contact such as that with sexual intercourse can surely lead to the transmission of Scabies to a new person.

Scabies causes do not come from animals, as the kinds of Scabies mites that live in dogs or cats are accustomed to a different living environment, as the animal's body is quite different from that of a human. In cases where Scabies causes were due to an animal, the Scabies mites will usually die off on their own, as they don't have the means to sustain themselves in a human.


The best ways to prevent Scabies is to always make sure that you keep any open wounds covered at all times until fully healed and avoid general contact with someone who you know is infected with Scabies. If you believe that you have contracted Scabies, you should go see your Doctor immediately for advice on proper treatments of the Scabies to prevent further spread and infection.


Sarcoptes Scabiei
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Very contagious skin disease caused by parasitic mite "Sarcoptes scabiei" is defined as scabies. For more information visit this page.

What Are Norwegian Scabies?

Norwegian Scabies is an infectious dermatological condition commonly found in humans and animals (specifically called sarcoptic mange) which is also humorously known as the “seven year itch”.

Sarcoptes Scabiei

How Do You Get Scabies?

Scabies is very contagious disease, and almost every person get scabies at least once in life. Please read this artcle in order to protect yourself and to know how to react if someone close to you got scabies.