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How To Prevent Scabies

Scabies is a contagious skin problem, which is caused by mites. It may attack everybody and people should always take preventive steps to avoid this disease. Generally, there is a possibility of scabies for persons, who are at crowded places, such as, nursing homes, jails and other places. Since the lifetime of the mites is about thirty to forty days, it would be difficult to control the scabies, when a person is attacked by scabies. There are many scabies preventions procedures that should be followed by every person.

When a person is having sexual contact with scabies affected person, would also be affected by scabies. It is very important to avoid sex with those persons. Since there would be no visible symptoms for the first two to six weeks, it would be difficult to diagnose the stage of scabies. When a person is affected with scabies, it is absolutely necessary for the entire family to take Scabies prevention procedures and they should be very cautious with the affected person. They should keep away from that person. They should not go near to his bed. Even after the treatment, all the clothes should be washed with soap water and should be dried under the hot sun.

Entire home should be washed with special solution and should be kept very clean. Since there is no specific over the counter treatments, which has been approved for curing scabies, people should not visit the medical shops for treatment, without consultation of the physicians. Various soaps and creams are available in the markets that are used for Scabies Prevention and they should be used only with the recommendation of their physicians. Usually, scabies spreads from the finger webs and back of a person and people should strictly avoid shaking hands with them. When a person is attacked by scabies, he should undertake required medical treatment and should not discontinue it, until he is fully recovered from the skin itching. This is also considered as one of the Scabies Prevention acts. The medicine for scabies is scabicides and it is not for sale without prescription of the physicians.

There are some other important tips for Scabies prevention and they should be followed daily. When a person is perfectly hygienic, he would not be affected by scabies, though in rare cases, it is possible. Daily shower is very important for all persons to prevent scabies. Weather condition should not be taken as an excuse to skip shower.

Always fresh and soft towels and napkins should be used to dry the skin and it is necessary to wash hands with soap dry with special napkins. It is not advisable to share clothes, even if they are very close friends or relatives. People should avoid contacts with the infested persons and they should not use their materials at any cost. These are precautionary methods for Scabies Prevention, which are easy to follow. It is very important to take immediate medical treatment to kill the mites and otherwise, entire family would be suffering from scabies in a short span of time.






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Very contagious skin disease caused by parasitic mite "Sarcoptes scabiei" is defined as scabies. For more information visit this page.

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Scabies is very contagious disease, and almost every person get scabies at least once in life. Please read this artcle in order to protect yourself and to know how to react if someone close to you got scabies.